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How to upload a payment

Uploading a file of your employee payments is a convenient option when you use Minnesota Child Support Online (MSCO). It is a time saving option, especially if you are submitting payments for at least 25 employees.

Select the 'Payroll management' tab to get started.

  1. Set up new or select an existing payroll group:
    • select ‘Payroll groups’ submenu option
    • if setting up new, provide company contact information
    • if setting up new, enter bank account data

  2. Upload a payment file:
    • select ‘Upload payment’ submenu option
    • select a payroll group
    • enter the Pay date for the payroll group
    • enter the Withdrawal date (the date it will be withdrawn) from your bank account
    • enter Total withholdings (the total amount of all records in the file)
    • select the File format you wish to upload
    • select the File to upload
    • select ‘Continue’ to upload the file

  3. If needed, review identified errors and make corrections. Go back to step 2.

  4. Receive confirmation of successful upload.

Once you receive confirmation, you can view your payments by navigating to the ‘Payment history’ page.

Employers have an opportunity to make additional updates or delete payment records until 6:00 PM CST, while the status on the ‘Payment history’ page is ‘Confirmed’.

File upload file formats

The following file types are supported:

All file formats must contain the following:

Required Field Order Field Name Field Length Type/Format Required Data Notes
1 Last Name 30 Alpha Yes Mixed case allowed
2 First Name 30 Alpha Yes Mixed case allowed
3 Middle initial 1 Alpha No If no middle initial, a blank field must be present
4 Social Security Number 9 nnnnnnnnn Yes SSN must fit federal format
Do not include dash (-)
In Excel, all cells containing an SSN beginning with zero (0) must be formatted as Text
5 Withholding Amount 9 nnnnnn.nn Yes Commas (,) not allowed
Dollar sign ($) not allowed
If no decimal, will assume whole dollar amount
Withholding Amount cannot exceed $500,000.00
Maximum of nine characters allowed which includes the decimal

NOTE: If the file contains error(s) no records will upload. A list displaying the specific row and corresponding error message will display. You can correct and re-submit the file.

Requirements for all file formats

Additional requirements and information specific to Excel (.xls or .xlsx)

Example of .xls containing 4 employee records:
Benson Ben B 431123456 350.60
Danson Dan D 123456789 999.99
Ericson Eric e 411123456 575
Johnson John   112233445 123456.15

Additional requirements and information specific to Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Example of .csv containing 4 employee records: