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How to make a payment

Making payments for your employees is easy when you use the Minnesota Child Support Online (MCSO) employer website.

Select the 'Payroll management' tab and 'Payroll groups' submenu option to get started.

  1. Set up payroll group:
    • select ‘Add new payroll group’ link
    • provide company contact information
    • enter bank account data

  2. Add employees to a payroll group:
    • select ‘Employee management’ submenu option
    • at a minimum, you must add the employee's social security number, first and last name
    • employees can be added individually or selected from a reference list
    • employees may belong to more than one group
    • if a withholding amount was entered on the employee information page, it will display on the selection list

  3. Make a payment:
    • select ‘Make a payment’ submenu option
    • select a payroll group (must have a payroll group and at least one employee to make a payment)
    • enter the pay date for the group payroll
    • enter the withdrawal date from your bank account
    • select the employees you wish to make payments for and enter a withholding amount for each
    • optional/additional pay period amounts can be entered for each employee
    • confirm the payment entered
    • employers have access to a history of payments submitted which include the actual payment detail and their statuses
    • select ‘Payment history’ submenu option